tirsdag 31. mai 2011

søndag 29. mai 2011


Someone´s always feeling blue in Oslo.. Another "MBA"!

tirsdag 24. mai 2011


I don´t know how many hours or thousands of pen strokes I spent on this, but An illustrator has got to do what an illustrator has got to do.

torsdag 12. mai 2011

new logo

Doing some refinements of our logo...

søndag 8. mai 2011

A birdman and a beer.

Chilling down in Cornwall, hanging out and having a beer, specifically a Doggy style pale ale from Flying Dog at Hand Beer Bar. Yes, I do love my beer. Unfortunately, I didn´t bring my sketchbook along, so any piece of paper would have to suffice. In this case - a bar napkin. This is a really good exercise to show you how paper quality affects your illustration. Anyhow, I went for a birdman this time.

tirsdag 3. mai 2011

Locational drawing

 These here are some locational drawings from my new sketchbook.
 last Thursday, I went around London with my friend Mo and and did some sketching.