torsdag 23. februar 2012

Guess who?

A hundred points to whomever can guess who this sketch is supposed to depict:
Can you recognize who this is?

tirsdag 14. februar 2012

Gouaching nudes

Here´s some more live drawing, or rather live painting.
Gouache on Somerset paper.

I hope you like it. Actually, I don´t care if you like it or not.

fredag 16. desember 2011

fredag 2. desember 2011

Old Geezer

A little study of old age...



Slightly Different.

Last one.

mandag 31. oktober 2011

I know, I know...

It´s been a while. I´m becoming increasingly more lousy at this. I guess it just means that I am busy, which on the other hand is a good thing.

Here´s something I´d like to share with you anyways.
I played around with some tape the other day:

I hope you think it´s sort of fun, I did anyhow.